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“I ride heaps XC back home in the Alps. What I liked about the trails I have done here is that there is constant up and down, not like one long uphill climb that goes into one long downhill climb. I liked the trails up on the central Bali plateau best because of the cool climate. And then in the end there is always the option to finish off the day with a long downhill section on some jungle single trail. Honestly, I wouldn’t want to come all the way from Switzerland just for XC but if I lived close to Bali I would hop over for sure!”

Nick, Switzerland


There is a variety of cross country rides on Bali. Trails range from rice paddies over bamboo forests or lush jungle to lava rock formations up in central Bali. If you are in XC mode, you can ride a new trail every day over a week long stay. You can even choose between XC with more uphill or XC with more downhill orientation. 

  • Duration: full day tour
  • Start: 07:00 recommended but individually adaptable if full charter
  • Riding time: however long you want
  • Vertical drop: no limits for up and down counting
  • Bring: shoes, shorts, t-shirt, shell

Recommendation: If you are into XC there are no limits to ride on Bali.

Island Bike Tours at IDR 875.000 per person
or IDR 2.995.000 for a full charter for 4 adults,
Indonesians and KITAS holders 20% off

Bike and equipment hire at IDR 450.000 per person

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