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“Garry told me to bring my DH rig and so I did and I did well. He is the one who designed the Asia Pacific Downhill track by the sea. Sick track, steep, loose, tech. I didn’t bother renting an enduro bike for the single trail downhill the next day and was fine on my DH. Had an awesome weekend while my missus chilled at The Chillhouse ;-)”  

Jake, Melbourne


Bali features several single trail downhill rides. Most of them start up at the large crater surrounding Mount Batur and drop down 1500m vert all the way to the Norh shore. These are all single trails. The Asia Pacific Downhill Track is on the East coast of Bali and hosts the yearly cup. This track is full on.

  • Duration: full day tour
  • Start: 07:00 recommended but individually adaptable if full charter
  • Riding time: however long you want
  • Vertical drop: no limits for up and down counting
  • Bring: DH bike if you are full on

Recommendation: The single trail downhill rides are super flowy and perfect for all mountain bikes whereas the APDHC track is full on and best to be charged with your own DH rig.

Island Bike Tours at IDR 875.000 per person
or IDR 2.995.000 for a full charter for 4 adults,
Indonesians and KITAS holders 20% off

Bike and equipment hire at IDR 450.000 per person

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