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Bali Bike Park adheres to high safety standards. Its bike guides attend regular first aid courses, as well as internal training. By providing qualified drivers, trained bike guides and carefully choosing the trails according to the skill and fitness level of the participants, Bali Bike Park keeps the accident und injury risk low. However, Bali Bike Park cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries happening in the course of biking. The Customer bears all costs for medical care. Once again, remember to check on your medical travel insurance!
One session usually takes up to a full day, depending on how far away the trail is. If all customers are tired before the end of a long trail, the session is over, the group is picked up by the service van, and will head back to their drop-off point.
Unutilized or cancelled bike sessions are not refunded.
In case the customer is not ready at the scheduled departure time, the group might leave without him/her and he/she can not expect the session to be refunded. So wake up in time!
Transfers to the trails are included. Trail selection is up to the guide, as his expertise allows him to choose the best and most enjoyable trail for the level of his guests with the lowest possible safety hazard.
Bike packages and sessions cannot be postponed, are not transferable to another person, and there is no refund for unutilized features specified in the package. Everything is planned in advance, so please understand our position.
Bike rental is at extra cost. The customer is responsible for any damage and loss of property or equipment of Bali Bike Park. Remember considering the option of a bike insurance (at extra cost), because the customer has to pay for the repair of any damage on the bike caused by the customer. The sum will be added on the customer's bill. 
Bali Bike Park cannot be held responsible for poor weather conditions, therefore driving off for the session is the start of bike-guiding, regardless the conditions, including a possible non-ride. Don't worry, they will struggle to get you dirty at the trails that suits your level! They try everything so that the customers can ride as much and as many quality trails as possible, but there might be down days.


We leave for any tour even if it rains in the morning. Experience shows that the weather clears up around 09:00. In case at the starting point of the tour it is pouring rain, the guide will cancel the tour and we refund 50% of the tour booking value and 100% of the bike rental value in cash. In case the guide decides to ride the tour as the weather is clearing up but a guest decides not to join the ride, we do not refund any of the tour booking value, but 100% of the bike rental value in cash.

Bali Bike Park closes in rain. Why build for months and destroy it in one day. In case of rain before 11:00 we refund 50% of the park ticket and 50% or the bike rental value in cash. In case of a rainy day with closed park from the morning we refund 100% of the park ticket and 100% of the bike rental value in cash.


The ineffectiveness of individual provisions of the contract or of the general terms and conditions does not affect the validity of the remaining provisions.


The place of jurisdiction and applicable law is the place of residence of the company. Legal claims against the company shall be governed in all respects by and in accordance with the laws of Indonesia.


We refund park ticket payments minus 100.000 IDR processing fee. For tour cancellations less than 4 days prior to tour we do not refund any money, notice more than 4 days in advance we do refund the full amount minus 100.000 IDR processing fee.

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