Ride with the Pros


Ride with the Pros

Chances are you meet top riders here on Bali. Most on holiday with bikes and surfboards. Many of them have helped shape Bali Bike Park and are regular guests! Let us know when you have scheduled your trip and we’ll see who is around.

OC Charm – “Others come for surfing, I come for riding.”

Andew Shandro – “I liked what I saw, that’s why I came to Bali.”

Richie Schley – “I always wanted to ride a volcano!”

Cam McCaul – “If there’s one place I always wanted to go – this is Bali!”

Cri Lassiter Mayerhofer – “I can’t believe I came for 10 years and only surfed.”

Rob J Heran – “I always knew there must be great trails on those mountains!”

Kyle Norbraten – “On the other side of the world I am greeted with smiles!”

Jake Royle – “Mights aswell do it on a tropical island!”

Wyn Masters – “Perfect way to end the season.”

Curtis Robinson – “Bali Bike Park is so sick, can’t wait to be back!”

Dylan Dunkerton – “All hand shaped, man those boys are on it.”

Remi Thirion – “I won the APDHC last year so I am back for more this year!”

Geoff Gulewich – “Where do I fly to?”

KC Deane – “Geoff asked me to come along, so I brought my surfboard!”

Nico Vink – “Nick said Bali was sick so I am coming!”

Eric Walenta – “I can’t believe I didn’t make it this year!”

Andrew Taylor – “The perfect combination of lifestyle, ocean, dirt and gulls.”

Nick Pescetto – “Dude this place has it all. I’ll be back right after Rampage.”

Matty Miles – “I can’t believe I surfed those waves today!”

Marius Hoppensack – “This step up is insane!”

Antoine Bizet – “Best trip ever.”

Manuel Gruber – “Trotti olda der Dreik do is supa! Hass is hold a.”

Jackson Davis –“Each year on the APDHC, this year in the van!”

Andrew Neethling – “Man this trip was insane, loved every day!”

Brook McDonald – “Everyone’s talking about it, I am coming!”

Flo Koefer – “I also want to ride the trails like I see in those movies.”

Troy Brosnan – “The dirt here is so loose, the APDHC track is insane!”

Mark Matthews – “Flights are sorted, we’re ready to go!”

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