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Kids Programs

“We have two boys and a girl, 12, 8, 10. Ever since we went on the family ride they want to be up there at the bike park and don’t need us anymore! We allow one kid each weekend to team up with their mates and off they go.”

Melissa, Bali

Over the years we have experienced that it makes sense to roughly subdivide kids into various age groups. Older ones don’t want to be waiting on younger ones, some like it steep, others want to go slow as they are not as big yet, and groms need full focus from the coach.

Usually, the younger the kids, the more likely parents want to come along, the older the crew, the more they want to be alone and do their thing. This is why we have included parents in the group.

Our guides start the kids out easy on a beginner trail to teach them basic skills according to the riding level they bring. We match the trails to the kids, all that matters is fun and safety.

The smaller they are, the more they like to run off and have fun in the forest, so we just come along and be with them as they venture in and around big jungle trees, swing on lianas, watch animals, or search for passion fruit.

Duration: half day possible if early start

Start: 07:00 recommended

Bring: shoes, shorts, t-shirt.

Recommendation: Bike riding in the forest on gentle jungle dirt is a whole other level of stoke. Fear is overcome, stoke increased, and self confidence is pushed through the roof. A great stage in everyone’s life.

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