Little Rippers
Fun and safe with Coach


Little Rippers

“I thought I would never hit that jump. My friends said I would never hit it. But my coach told me that I could do it. So I went. Full speed because he said I must be fast enough. I pedaled like no-one did. And then I was up in the air, flew further than all the rest. All I hear is screaming and cheering until I hit the breaks. Then I realized that I did it.”

Ruckus, Bali

IDR 2.995.000 for 5 kids one parent


The late years of primary school are quite significant in the development of children. As a matter of fact, word choice is already crucial. So is bike choice. 

This age group is marked by a variety in body size and strength. Too small a bike hinders progression, just as a too large frame is a fun killer. We have all options ready at Bali Bike Park.

Some kids are skinny giants, others are barely taller than their little sister, whereas some have way too much fat around their hips. No matter who it is, how he or she looks like, downhill mountain biking puts a smile on their face and sets the corner stone for the difficult years to come. It is all way easier with a good portion of self confidence. 

Duration: half day possible if early start

Start: 07:00 recommended

Bring: shoes, shorts, t-shirt, snacks.

Recommendation: Downhill mountain biking. No uphill pedaling. Pure fun. Bodies are in transition, help them to develop strength and coordination.

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