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Kids biking - Groms

“The coaches are amazing. So much patience. That same piece of trail over and over again. That same jump a hundred times. You know it feels like time stands still. The first time we watched them every second because they are doing some pretty dangerous stuff, but we found out that this fear is just our problem. Now we love to come up and be in nature away from it all and see the little ones have the best time. Wonderful.”

Suzanne and Amanda, Bali

IDR 2.995.000 for 4 groms and 2 parents


Actually it is pretty hard to find terms for different age groups. Those kids are definitely young and so full on. Once the fire has been sparked off, they are unstoppable.

The cool thing about this age group is that there still is no such thing as peer pressure. They go for it, each at their own levels, not caring what the one can do and the other not yet.

Needless to say, proper coaching is a must. We want to maintain a maximum level of safety and at the same time push their limits. Individual teaching is what it is all about, no pushing but waiting for the kids to come ask if they are ready for that track over there that is just a bit steeper than the one we are on right now.

Duration: half day possible if early start

Start: 07:00 recommended

Bring: shoes, shorts, t-shirt, snacks.

Recommendation: A great way to bring the kids out to another world away from the coastal regions of Bali. It is clean up here, the air is cool.

Note: In case friends or siblings do not exactly fall into the age group, no worries, it is not that strict. This is just a rough guideline.

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