are what we call the really young ones


Kids biking - Grommets

“No expectations. Fun is all that matters. We’ve been doing their program over three weekends now and I can tell you the boys are loving it! I usually go with a mate and his daughters, so much fun. Actually it’s more like a jungle kindergarten up there. Great guys.”

Jake, Bali

IDR 2.995.000 for 4 grommets and 2 parents


Grommets are what we call the really young ones with ages of 4 to 5 years. Depending on their skills we do what they feel like.

Some can already ride a grom bike with no supportive wheels, then we take them to the easiest jungle trails. Those who are still on their three wheel setup, we ai at unscrewing those supports in no time. Then there are the ones who feel better breaking with their feet, so we teach them how to use the break.

Naturally, in this age group there is a lot of playing which does not always involve the bike. But who really cares, there is such a lot to soak up here in the jungle. Once that tree has been climed we are back on the bike …

Duration: half day possible if early start

Start: 07:00 recommended

Bring: shoes, shorts, t-shirt, snacks.

Recommendation: If you feel like you have had enough of crowded streets or reckless motorbikes and all you want is your little one to be up in some cool fresh air with no traffic and sounds of the jungle, then here you are.

Note: In case friends or siblings do not exactly fall into the age group, no worries, it is not that strict. This is just a rough guideline.

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