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“Bali Bike Park is the best best best! I am so happy that my mom set it up for my 9th birthday! Ever since that day we have been coming up every first Saturday of the month. Loving it! We live on Bali, so I get to surf so much and now I also know there’s a jungle that’s home to so many trails. I don’t think I have seen them all even though we’ve been here a bunch.”

Marlon, Bali

IDR 2.995.000 for 5 kids and one parent


A group of friends in the forest. On bikes. How much better does it get. Boys, girls, they all love it. Individual levels, no problem. Fear or no fear, who cares. It’s all about the moment.

This age group shows significant increase in coordinative abilities as well as muscular strength. It is amazing what the kids are capable, how much they learn.

What starts out as a one time fun day may well turn into a weekend routine. This is what we have realized in this age group quite a lot. Kids in this age often come as a group of friends with one parent taking turns tagging along.

Duration: half day possible if early start

Start: 07:00 recommended

Bring: shoes, shorts, t-shirt, snacks.

Recommendation: Biking is a great alternative to a routine common in school with sports the kids are already tired of. Get them off the iPads and onto some dirt up in the jungle!

Note: In case friends or siblings do not exactly fall into the age group, no worries, it is not that strict. This is just a rough guideline.

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