Mountain Bike Coaching

Coaching is simple, and we want to keep it simple. It all evolves around three questions: 

  • Where am I / what is my status as of now?
  • Where do I want to be / what aim do i want to reach? 
  • How much time do I have? 

Type A - mom or dad

My kids love to ride their bikes, but I do not have the time and/or the skills to be with them and ride the kind of terrain they want to ride. I prefer to have a coach for them who I can trust.

Type B - pleasure rider

I want to ride my bike comfortably on all terrains, but have no friends who share my passion. I would like to ride with a coach who comes with me on my journey, shares the moments, and helps me out if need may be.

Type C - ambitious rider

I want to learn a specific trick or ability. I have tried hard by myself, but except for scars and bruises i have not reached anything. I have a feeling I need someone to help me.

Type D - racer

I want to win races and contest and need a coach to write up a training schedule with definite aims and goals.

Please contact us for your individual coaching needs. We can organise you just the right coach with the personality, skills and experience you need.

Sorry but due to the circumstances we do not operate at the moment!

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